Study visit (C4) – Nantes, France from 11th to 13th of January 2022

The year 2022 began with the arrival of participants in the VoSoTros (Volunteering creates Social Transformations) project at Ceméa Pays de la Loire in Nantes from 11th to 13th January 2022.

The program included:

  • Meeting with the volunteers from the TineSol project: time to discuss the civic service and its effects on the volunteers (changes in social relations within families, obtaining the BAFA, meeting new people and entertainment professionals), on the local areas (partnerships with associations in the region, public institutions), and the Roma and non-Roma communities (intercultural exchanges, understanding others…)
  • Meeting with the AFEV association (Association de la Fondation des Étudiants pour la Ville): the role of volunteers within the organisation, setting up training courses for volunteers and developing dynamic projects for the local area.
  • Meeting with Parcours le Monde: sending and receiving international volunteers
  • Discussions with Ceméa civic service volunteers: what they bring to the association, the think tanks they join during their civic service (Palestine, gender group, secularism and internationalism, etc.).
  • Discovery of the Terrain d’Aventure d’Orvault: meeting with volunteers on site, who introduce us to the concept of adventure fields and methods used on site (risk education, active education methods).
  • Participants discover the city of Nantes

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