Ongoing Projects

ECHO (Ethical, Common, Human and Open) Network

Ceméa are coordinating the ECHO Network project, whose aim is to promote digital citizenship through various activities that will take place over the year 2023 and the production of tools for youth workers, decision-makers in associations and young people.

Previous projects

Cyberbulling Project

The #YouthAgainstCyberbullying project is a European educational cooperation project (Erasmus+ strategic partnership) involving 6 countries, including France. The aim of the project is to raise awareness of the dangers of cyberbullying and online harassment, and to equip youth workers to respond more effectively to these issues.

The project involves the creation of digital tools and international training for multipliers, who will then work on a more local (national/regional) level with young people, the primary audience affected by this phenomenon. The Ceméa are producing two digital media (a website and an app), which will be presented at the next FIFE (Festival International du Film d’Éducation). This project is co-led with the media department.

VoSoTros Project

This project builds upon previous projects, namely the recognition of Non-Formal Education learning and volunteer status. To do this, we have shared with our partners the need to identify the changes that volunteering education projects bring to people (our associations members and the target audiences we serve), to our organizations and to the territories in which we are involved.

To this end, we will develop a project to exchange our evaluation practices on these volunteer projects. The starting hypotheses are that volunteering is a vector of social inclusion and the reception in our associations has a specificity and promotes this inclusion

Our partners on VoSoTros project :

Volonteurope (Belgium), CSV Lazio (Italy), CLUBE (Portugal), EIVA (Romania), STOP (Poland) CVC (Slovakia), Coordinadora (Spain)

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