Youth Exchanges

Youth Exchanges

  • Youth meetings

Every year, the Ceméa organize youth meetings. These stays are part of the principles of “Education nouvelle” and the Ceméa defend a dimension of travel that promotes commitment, autonomy, the discovery of others and elsewhere.

These exchanges allow young people to live, on short stays of five days to three weeks, a meeting with young people from different countries, in France or elsewhere. The collective dimension allows to remove certain apprehensions and the Ceméa rely on these stays to make mobility accessible to the greatest number.

  • Support for projects or youth projects of international solidarity

The JSI (Jeunesse – Solidarité Internationale) and VVV/ SI (Ville, Vie, Vacances/Solidarité Internationale) programmes coordinated by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs promote intercultural encounter between young people from different geographical regions of the world, and support development actions and solidarity projects in which young people are fully involved. The projects are sponsored by associations of youth, popular education and international solidarity.

These initiatives carried out either by an autonomous group or in support of an educational structure, promote at the local level, the realization of international projects, centered on intercultural encounter, discovery, and civic engagement.

  • Jeunesse des 2 Rives (J2R)

Coordinated by Solidarité Laïque. The project focuses on the international citizenship education of educators on both shores of the Mediterranean (France, Tunisia, Morocco).

The Europe International pole of the Ceméa is in charge of pedagogical pooling and coordinates the pedagogical experimentation of the project. Starting from the question: How international solidarity projects are a support for citizenship education? We propose to educators to discuss their pedagogical practices, to identify practices that «transform» and formalize the approaches that they want to keep from this project.

A distance intercultural exchange project between young Moroccans from Agadir and young French people from Perpignan

Project partners : E2C, DECLIC, AMORS and CEMÉA Perpignan

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