ECHO (Ethical, Common, Human and Open) Network -English version

The Ceméa coordinate the ECHO Network project whose objective is to promote digital citizenship through different activities that will take place during the year 2023 and the production of tools for youth workers, decision-makers of associations and young people:

  • Output 1 : A reference of the existing trainings for the actors of popular education in the partner countries of the project in connection with the principle of “digital citizenship”.
  • Output 2 : A repository of resources and tools available in the network of European partners of the project.
  • Output 3 : A plea for an ethical and sustainable digital transition
  • Output 4 & 5 : A digital defense kit for youth and a survival guide for association representatives
  • Output 6 : A mapping of organizations working to promote ethical digital technology in the project’s partner countries.

Partners of the project :

Meeting Seminar – Framasoft & Ceméa France14th to 16th of January 2023 – Saint Ouen, FranceMeeting of partner’s project – Group of reflection, Discussion and exchanges on digital : Ethic, sobriety, inclusion, open and free software….
Study visit – Welli Eichler Akademy28th to 30th of March 2023, Berlin, GermanyYoung, social medias and political education ?
Study visit – Ceméa Belgique 12th to 15th of June 2023, Brussels, BelgiumActive Education Methods to raise awareness on ethic tools
Study visit – Fédération Italienne des Ceméa 26th to 28th of September 2023, Bari, Italy Between face-to-face and distance learning, what use should be made of digital technology?
Study visit – Center Peace for Studies 5th to 7th of December 2023, Zagreb, CroatiaDigital Inclusiveness and Accessibility

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