All the partners of the ECHO Network project were present for the launch activity from January 14 to 16, 2023 in the premises of Mains d’Oeuvres in Saint Ouen, France, co-organized by Ceméa France and Framasoft.

On the program: meetings, exchanges of practices and reflection, construction of projects between people and structures:

In each group of participants, a trio of facilitators proposed one or more facilitation approaches to reflect, exchange and build around 4 thematics :

I. Digital ethics and associative values

Objective : build a common definition in each group of participants.

The participants were able to question themselves on the ethics of digital technology and to make connections with the values held by their associative structures.

II.”Architecture is political: the principle of decentralization”

Around questions related to the architecture of digital tools, how to understand the structuring of the internet, social networks, software of which we are consumer? Discovering decentralized tools and services, respectful of people’s data.

III. Taking care of and making the internet user-friendly

How to take care of yourself and others on the internet? What is moderation? How to create safe spaces on the internet? Discussions, reflections and proposals.

IV. Digital Sobriety

What is digital sobriety? What do we mean by low technologies? Which consumption for which use(s)? Is it possible to design less polluting digital tools?

Tool-based approaches : cards (only in french) Life Phone

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A report on the facilitation process experienced by the participants (in the 3 groups) is available below:

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