Our partners

The Ceméa believe that meetings and exchanges between people are necessary to strengthen European and international citizenship and the recognition of civil society. They reaffirm the need to join forces with other associations and institutions in different countries. Building a partnership means advocating for issues, working together on challenges and working towards a common goal. It means joining forces and acting together to make progress on educational and social transformations in the European political arena and around the world. The partnership approach presupposes compliance with certain principles and conditions.

The principles

  • Mutual recognition and respect.
  • Working together.
  • Fairness in the consideration of asymmetries between partners.
  • The desire to build new balances in the sharing of responsibilities.

The conditions

  • The existence of a genuine, formulated, and shared project.
  • The clarification of expectations, aims, and conceptions of each party involved.
  • The creation of negotiation spaces.
  • The gradual institutionalization of the partnership beyond the individuals who are its actors.

International network: 78 NGOs in 48 countries

The Ceméa are involved in international networks such as FICEMÉA (Fédération Internationale des Ceméa), EAICY (a European network for non-formal education), AIFRIS (Association Internationale pour la Formation, la Recherche et l’Intervention Sociale), Solidar (a European platform for Social Justice) and Platform LLL.

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