Study visit to Stara Lubovna, Slovakia from 20th to 23rd September 2022

The Vosotros project partners’ consortium met in September 2022 in Stara Lubovna, Slovakia.

The programme included meetings with various organisations in the town of Stara Lubovna:

  • Cyklostopy An initiative by local cyclists. Today, this activity is a link with the municipality and tourism. Involvement of young cyclists in the project.
  • Centrum Volnheo Casu (CVC) presentation – Activities organised by the centre in the region: “Children’s Day”, “Retro Picnic”, “Key to the Fortress” competition, “Family Rafting” with Poland and Slovakia.
  • Youth Parliament presentation-Group of young people trying to develop and manage various projects in the town.
  • Presentation and visits by volunteer firefighters Fire Fighters (Since 1877).
  • Presov Volunteering Centre -“Umbrella” organisation, advocacy for volunteering, legal rights for the national budget. Target groups: young people at risk, the elderly, young Roma people.
  • Tobias Community Center Reception of Roma families and kindergarten.
  • Cleaning Trash Collection – Volunteer Week The participants collected rubbish near the river of Stara Lubovna with young people from the town.

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