Study visit to Arad, Romania

From 13h to 17h September 2021, CEMEA took part in the first study visit of the VoSoTros project.

On the programme: meetings with volunteers and organisations to discuss the effects of volunteering as a vehicle for social inclusion.

The 8 European partners in the project were present (France, Belgium, Italy, Slovakia, Portugal, Spain, Romania and Poland).

The participants were able to try out the first interviews with :

  • Local and international volunteers in the Romanian association EIVA
  • EIVA’s partner organisation, which receives and sends volunteers abroad (EuropeDirect)
  • A public institution that receives volunteers, the library in the town of Arad.

    Following this first study visit, the partners will meet to refine the questionnaires for future study visits.

    As a reminder, thanks to these study visits we hope to be able to identify the effects of volunteering as a vector for social inclusion and propose an evaluation method that takes these effects into account.

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