Youth actors’ mobility– “Fight against Discrimination across cultural practices – Immersion in Avignon”

From 20 to 25 July 2022, 15 participants met in Avignon as part of the theatre festival. Among the participants, 5 countries were represented: Belgium, Spain, Italy, Poland and France.

The partner associations of this project are convinced of the importance of popular education among young people to promote peace education and intercultural education, in order to overcome these phenomena and to promote a society that respects everyone’s rights.

The actors’ mobility was aimed at meeting the needs illustrated by the partners:

  • a greater diversity of audiences welcomed in cultural practices
  • a development of social diversity in our spaces
  • the strengthening of the youth workers’ training in intercultural meetings and in relation to difference.

In order to meet the needs mentioned above, the partners have identified objectives:

  • To meet with European citizens/ educators to compare perspectives
  • To discover cultural practices and approaches for young audiences, through exchanges with youth workers.
  • To reflect on the difference
  • To build approaches to intercultural education
  • To build approaches to fight discrimination
  • To build a European network of organizations that advocate for the emancipation of people and especially young people through cultural practices.

During this period of training, youth actors were able to exchange ideas about their cultural and artistic practices and draw inspiration from the practices of other participants in order to develop new approaches tailored to their audiences.

Participants reflected on the creation of joint projects in the short, medium and long term. This meeting allowed to create links and build a European network of youth actors.

Project partners

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